typology: residence
location: Luxembourg-Bonnevoie, Luxembourg
year: 2015
size: 171.81 m2

Old town house rennovation

The bathrooms were part of a renovation project for an over 100-year-old town house in Luxembourg.

Three separate bathrooms located on three different levels of the house were created to accommodate different functions – guest toilet, master bathroom and a loft-style shower in the attic. The aim of the design was to maintain the eclectic style, which is present in the interior of the house, and to convey its essence which is the combination of a variety of influences from different historical styles.

Guest toilet – even though the area was problematic due to its shape and disproportionality (very small, but very high), the final effect was achieved as a result of an illusion of the black background and the work of the light that highlighted white ceramic accents.

Master bathroom – aiming to be a place to rest and relax in a modern palace-style surrounding. Big windows give a lot of light during the day, therefore the bathroom was kept in a bright and elegant colour scheme. During the renovation works the space was enlarged and additional storage space was introduced.

Loft-style shower – the shower/bathroom was dedicated for the guests and to accompany the sports facilities located on the same floor. The bathroom reflects the retro-style in the tiling patterns, yet it is combined with loft-style fittings to best relate to the attic location of the space.

Project photos