Working often with busy and successful clients, we understand and respect the value of your time. Therefore, we have prepared a range of services in order to take the stress away from you and help to implement your vision.

Our design consultancy enables clients, who prefer to manage their own projects, to seek guidance and advice from experienced professionals and to keep the costs of our involvement to minimum.

At initial meeting, we discuss your aspirations and needs. We help you to translate your dreams into a conceptual image of the interior and present you up to three design proposals for you to choose, including functional plans, hand drawings and 3D views from your future space.

Once the concept is approved by you, we start a bespoke interior design service tailored to you vision and budget. We help you choose the finishing materials and work on the final form of the furniture. At the end of this phase, we present you the photorealistic visualisations of the designed space, so you could see it almost as real.


After the interior project meets your satisfaction, we develop detailed technical drawings for cost estimation and execution by the contractors. These are necessary elements to implement the ideas, to control the budget and to use a range of experienced professional contractors suitable for the project.

Once the design is complete, we begin the process of organising the sourcing and ordering on your behalf, using our broad list of suppliers who we know and trust. Every order if of course approved by you, but we can help to manage the suppliers and save you substantial amount of time in the process.

Our team co-ordinates the project with the contractors, to ensure quality and timing. We come to the contraction on weekly basis, clarify any contractors’ doubts regarding the execution and identify early any elements needing adjustment. We try to work closely with only trusted surveyors, tradesmen and suppliers to have a seamless process and to be sure of great quality outcome at the end.

With our keen design eye, we can help you update or add those final finishes touches that will make the interior your home and not merely the space you live in.

And which offer suits your needs?