How do we do it?


Analisys of needs

  • Collecting your wish list and transferring it into a design
  • Study of the interior space, site visit
  • Analysis of your daily communication routes
  • Study of the daylight in the interior

Functional arrangement

  • Generation of the ideas
  • Up to 3 proposals of the interior’s functional plan
  • Functional division of the space with the respect to its ergonomics, so you can move and feel comfortable in your interior


Conceptual design

  • General technical drawings presenting the arrangement of the interior based on the functional studies
  • mood boards / hand sketches showing the leading design idea for the interior
  • virtual 3d model, with colours and materials, helping you better imagine the shape and the proportions of the final interior

Our Mission

To bring joy to people and help them to create the space they always dreamed of.

Design Developpement Process

Furniture & Equipement

  • Selection of furniture and fittings appropriate to your needs and planned budget
  • Tailored design of elements made on order: kitchen furniture, wardrobes, build-in bookcases, niche’s shelves etc.

Finishing materials & Colour Palette

  • Choice of the colours and materials that meet your personal preferences and harmonize with the overall design


  • Choice of lamps, lighting features and electrical fittings
  • Preliminary electrical plan to consult with you it’s functionality



  • Recommendation of window and wall decorations
  • Interior decoration elements
  • Cushions and throws
  • Bathroom accessories

Cost estimate

  • The valuation of the construction works, materials, furniture and other fittings are under your control, as the budget preparation goes equally with the interior design

Tools of Communication

Hand sketch


Photorealistic Visualisations

3D models

Final Design


Detailed architectural drawings

  • Preparation of full set of technical drawings required for the realization of the project with different subcontractors


Order&Delivery Support

  • Help and assisatnce in shopping and orders of the products for the interior • Communication with the subcontracting teams


Project supervision

  • Regular supervision of the works quality made regularly and directly on the construction site
  • Assistance at the recpetion of the final interior


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About us

As no two persons are alike, each of our designs is tailored made and personalized to our client’s specific needs. Our studio is not restricted to a single interior style, instead we shape the designed space to be the best expression of your needs, interests and values. Our goal is to offer our clients a highly creative, but still practical and ultimately personal service.

Kinga Schubert


Kinga is the driving force of ABOVE INTERIOR. Her attitude and enthusiasm fill not only the team, but also her designs with positive and creative energy. She developed her techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and University College Falmouth in the UK. From her personal perspective she always wanted to contribute to people’s happiness in their everyday living. Years of experience taught her to listen most of all, which allows her to really understand the dreams and needs of her clients and turn them into an actual design. Always on the lookout for inspiration, can often be found on the European design fares gathering insights on latest market trends. For her every day is just another opportunity to grow, to learn new clients, to help others.
Alix Mehu

Alix Mehu

Interior Architect

Interested in latest architectural trends, Alix offers you modern solutions interwoven with her French touch. Raised in the countryside, she devotes particular attention to the environment and promotes the use of high-quality natural materials. As a self-taught musician she is seeking perfect harmony in color association and use of space. She will compose a unique design to suit all your needs.

Natalia Łuczak

Natalia Łuczak

Junior Interior Architect

Natalia is fond of creating interiors with a unique character. In her work as an interior architect, she strives to combine simplicity of form with high-quality materials. She also likes to introduce natural elements into the designed spaces. Passionate for fantasy books and equipped with exceptional creative imagination, she tries to set up spaces that are not plain and obvious, giving each of them its own distinctive atmosphere.

Nina Gruszczyńska

Nina Gruszczyńska

3D Graphic Designer

Nina helps our team bring design concepts and technical drawings into life by creating outstanding 3d visualisations and animations. Her Fine Arts Academy background allows her to put an artistic touch into every 3d model and make it more realistic and appealing. She helps our clients to share our vision of every interior and allows them to already get the feel of the space even before it’s created.
Małgorzata Schubert

Małgorzata Schubert

Procurement manager

Małgorzata contributes to the creation and monitoring of the budget as well as organizing purchases on your behalf, where needed. Her extensive experience and unparalleled organizational skills help to control the procurement process. When she is not on the phone fighting for best prices for you, she can be found hiking on the mountain trails or skiing, depending on the time of the year.

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