The Process

Hiring an interior architect: How does it work?
Beginning your journey with the support of our interior architects is very simple. The only step needed is to contact us to initiate the first discussion. We will meet you free in order to discuss your specific needs and to identify which type of support would be most suitable for you.

Our architects in Luxembourg are registered with the OAI and we work within the roles and responsibilities of interior architects established in Luxembourg.

How do we get started?
Getting started is very easy. You only need to think about your dreams of the space, identify your current and future needs and initiate contact with us. We will help you from there on throughout the entire process.
What should I ask at the first meeting?

The most common question we receive during our meetings is “When can you start?”. But to reach this point it is always advisable to consult on the reasonableness of your initial budget, foreseen design and execution timeline as well as the suggested level of involvement in the project.

How involved do I need to be?
You are involved as much as you want and agree to during the preparation of the architect’s contract. Some clients want minimum involvement and they focus on approving designs, giving comments and making all decisions leaving the preparation and execution parts to us. Others like to have their hands on the project and like to e.g. monitor the budget themselves or perform work supervision on their own.
What if I am unhappy with your designs?
Your satisfaction with our work is at the heart of what we do.

In every stage you have the final vote on how the design will be finalised.

You are always asked for feedback and have the possibility to gather and communicate your comments to us within every stage of the project. We start already with 3 different visions for your approval before any detailed design is done so that we are sure you will be happy with the outcome of our work.

What is the sequence of phases that my design project will go through?

We operate across the full design spectrum and you are free to pick and choose the elements you are interested in. The full project usually includes the following elements:

  1. Initiation: Understanding of your dreams about the designed space, your specific requirements and constraints. For us this is a critical step in order to allow fine tuning of later design to your needs.
  2. Functional design: We analyse the space in order to identify the best use for each element of the interior and to allow the highest functionality of the design.
  3. Conceptual design: Before detailed interior design is prepared, we collect for you the inspirations and specific details of the proposed design. These are compiled into a mood board which is aimed at providing you with the initial feel of the interior and its target style. As standard we propose 3 different visions of the space to account for your needs and to allow you flexibility and control over in which direction the design will go.
  4. Initial design – Based on the selected style and vision, we prepare a 3d model of the interior to allow you better overview of the design and to better understanding of our vision.
  5. Detailed plans (technical drawings) – When initial design is approved in all details, we proceed to the preparation of executory plans to allow all specialists selected by you to estimate the amount of work needed and charge for you. These include electrical and plumbing plans, designs of tailored made furniture (if requested) as well as detailed overviews of walls and materials used.
  6. Final design – final 3d model presented together with photorealistic visualisations to show you exactly how the space will look. No need to use imagination, all will be shown to you.
  7. Initial budget and timeline preparation – we assist you in preparation of the budget for all works and materials needed to execute the design. We collect quotes from multiple providers and contractors approved by you and assist you in selection of appropriate offers. This step allows you to get an overview of the expected charges and to control all costs along the way.
  8. Works supervision – We assist in supervision of works performed by your contractors and suppliers. We help with quality checks and support you in any disagreements with various service providers. We act as your advisor to challenge any design deviations made at the discretion of the contractors and give you arguments on what can actually be done, even if your service provider claims it is not possible.
How do I prepare for my initial consultation with an interior architect?
The steps which would be asked of you before the initial consultation are aimed at allowing us to find the best way how to create a dedicated interior just for you. These include:

– Identifying your current and future needs – e.g. how much space would you like to have for bathing, living and sleeping areas, would you like to create an extra room for your home office or guests, do you plan to have new pets etc.

– Assessing your financial capabilities to help us foresee the budget and identify the products and materials fitting to your needs and budgetary constraints

– Thinking about what you like, is there a style you are especially fond of, what colours do you feel good with etc.

How long does a project take?
The project duration will highly depend on the scope of our assistance needed and the extent of works foreseen.

Usually we recommend taking your time with the design phase not to create stress and undue pressure when making important decisions. Suggested time of the design phase is approximately 2 months, but where needed it can be shortened to just 4 weeks.

As for construction it will highly depend whether you want to engage us to design a newly constructed, empty space or whether you are in need for renovation.

How do you show the final design?
The final design is presented firstly as a floor plan supported with photorealistic realisations and secondly with a full project book where you receive all our deliverables in a single document. This includes mood boards, visualisations and detailed plans.


What type of projects can you do?

We can be involved in a broad range of projects across different scopes and client types.

Our architects can design apartments and houses as well as offices, public spaces and restaurants.

Similarly, we have can be engaged to provide only consultations or conceptual designs, but also provided multiple full-scale projects.

Do I need a designer if I only want help with new furniture?

If you are only looking for assistance in selection of furniture a designer might assist you. Please keep in mind though, that our architects have undergone interior architecture studies and have enough professional experience to assist you not only on the aesthetics, but also on the function and construction of your space.

Often when considering furniture purchase additional complementary changes could be recommended e.g. changes to the electrical installations, adjustments to the functional plan, tailored made furniture etc. to make the best use of the space where our team could be of assistance.

Can you manage the entire project?
Our team has executed a large number of full-scale projects following the specification described in “What is the sequence of phases that my design project will go through?” question above.

We can limit your involvement to only approval of design prepared for you and providing feedback on all elements you would like to change. Afterwards you can rest and wait until the work is finalised.

How are purchases for the project handled?
We offer assistance in preparation of the budget and contacts with all suppliers. Should you wish to request this service, we can collect quotes for you, and after your approval of specific elements, we can facilitate each single order to limit the time you need to spend to have your dream space ready for use.