typology: residence
location: Warsaw-Zabki, Poland
year: 2013
size: 135.00 m2

Single-family house in Poland

The renovation of a single-family house in Poland. The subject of the project was to redesign the interior of a house in accordance with the new needs of the owners – the family with two lovely kids. The purpose was to add more light and illusion of space for the dark ground-level room and create an open area that contains four different functions: dinning, kitchen, living room and fireplace lounge. The modern style of the interior design is balanced using natural materials. Despite large space the users can feel like in a cosy, homey interior.

The fireplace lounge located in the corner of the house is a place created with a dual role. Firstly to enjoy spending time together in front of the TV or the fireplace for all the family members. Secondly to enable the parents to spend evenings together by the firelight with nice, romantic music. To warm up the atmosphere this part of the interior was inspired by the alpine mountain house.

The concept of the parents’ bathroom and the bedroom located on the upper floor was aimed to continue the natural, but contemporary and bright style of the ground floor.

It was design to reflect the spirit and the space impression of the sea side. The new big bathroom was created by connecting two smaller bathrooms from the old house.

The construction wall of the chimney that was left after the rebuilding was further used as the support for the sink area and as the natural division of the space into bath and toilette function.

The new functional arrangement as well as the inspirational materials used in the design corresponds with owners’ expectations and allow them to enjoy their family-social life style.

Project photos


Conceptual sketch