typology: residence
location: Strassen, Luxembourg
year: 2014
size: 86.50 m2

Family apartment in Strassen

The apartment was designed for a family with two very active kids. The aim was to select furniture and finishing materials with durability sufficient to withstand the use by the youngest family members.

The main challenge in this interior was the small space of the living room which needed to accommodate a large collection of books, TV, sofa seating and a place to play for the kids. Therefore, the good functional plan played a key role in this interior.

Due to the open character of the living area the same colour scheme was maintained in the hall, the kitchen and the living room. Taupe colour on the walls complements the white door and cabinet furniture. “Salt and pepper” upholstery on the sofa matches the colour palette of the floor and chairs of the dining table. The walls in the hall were covered with the vinyl wall covering of textile-like structure that gives a cosy look and protects the surface of the walls from damage.

The culminating point of this interior is the multifunctional bookcase with two mobile levels of storage and the place for the TV screen that was designed for measure to accommodate the needs of the owners of the apartment.

The kitchen has a modern design. It was foreseen to provide as much additional storage space as possible. The black horizontal glazing between the cabinets goes in line with the working surface. The white, full height cabinets provide a clear background for the wooden table and chairs. The location of the table creates a functional border between the kitchen area and the living area, but aesthetically it contributes to the unity of the interior.

Project photos

Conceptual sketch