typology: restaurant
location: Luxembourg-Limpertsberg, Luxembourg
year: 2018
size: 205 m2

Tailor’s Speakeasy Bar

Tailor’s Speakeasy is a concept inspired by the prohibition times of the 1920’s in the United States where alcohol consumption was restricted. People, in order to taste alcohol, were forced to look for secret places, often concealed behind false walls of the establishment to avoid being discovered. Here our client gave us a complete mission of transforming an old interior into an elegant, yet cosy underground bar that would reflect the spirit of those times.

The interior was designed to accommodate all facilities needed for a speakeasy bar. The entrance to the secret bar leads through invisible door. There are two rooms separated from the main area: wine tasting room and cigar lounge, equipped with comfortable seats, specially designed cabinets and dimmable lighting adjusted according to customer needs.

As any genuine speakeasy bar should be, the main area is a bar located just opposite the entrance, filled with bottles of original spirits and illuminated with indirect lighting. The walls are covered with a black and gold wallpaper from Graham and Brown. There is also a movable stage for occasional live concerts. Thanks to the carefully selected details, Tailor’s Speakeasy clients can feel like they were travelling in time to the 1920’s in the United States, where they can enjoy their time and use all the facilities that speakeasy bar can provide them.

Project photos