TYPOLOGY: Residence
LOCATION: Luxembourg City
year: 2020
size: 95 m+ terrace and balcony

Luxembourg City apartment

We were very excited about designing this beautiful apartment located in Luxemburg city, which had a lot of potential.

Before we met, the client had already taken some steps to open the living area and limit the number of bedrooms to the necessary minimum gaining a lot of light, and space in the most used parts of the apartment. This beautiful open space continues into the terrasses during the summer season.


Quite a big challenge was to decide where to direct the user’s view in the sitting area: Shall we concentrate on the TV wall or rather on the terrace window, which is on the opposite wall? Finally, we found the most optimal solution assuring the client to take advantage of them both in a very elegant setting of two double sofas that created a marvelous place for conversations with the guests at the same time.


The dining room was also arranged with a user-friendly solution that is culminated in a beautiful round dining table. This type of the furniture allows respecting the natural communication routs around it and keeps both the free space and the used space in balance.


Each bedroom has an individual style and specific needs, yet it is harmonizing with the overall interior design. Due to its size, they were designed with an exceptional functionality adapting even the solution of the bed folding into the wardrobe.

Project photos




Conceptual sketch