TYPOLOGY: Residence
LOCATION: Itzig, Luxembourg
year: 2019
size: 14 m2

Girl’s room design

The project objective was an interior design of a child’s bedroom, which could be progressively adapted to the evolving child’s needs. At that time the room was used by a 5-year-old girl, who needed a lot of space for her clothes, a corner desk, and a new big bed.


To get the best of the space, without obstructing it with the fully dimensional wardrobe, was to place the biggest furniture at the back wall of the room. Thanks to the smart use of materials, like mirrors and wood the massive block was designed in the way that it is integrated with the interior. The wood corresponds with the floor material and the mirrors reflect everything around, so that the wardrobe becomes almost invisible.

The wardrobe design gives us a possibility to put a bed under a house shaped canopy that creates a calm and peaceful space for sleeping of the little one. And to adapt it to the future needs, this part was designed as a removable one, leaving a pure design of the wardrobe in the next coming years.

The niche with the canopy can be also adapted to the bigger size of the bed, if needed.

The light and interesting interior design of that room was complemented with a minimalistic desk and calming decoration.

Project photos




Conceptual sketch