typology: residence
location: Beggen, Luxembourg
year: 2016
size: 35.40 m2

Attic makeover

Modernisation of an attic in a Beggen townhouse for a client with very original hobbies. The goal was to create a bright and flexible space for the couple to be able to enjoy their hobbies together at the same time, not being separated by walls. The real challenge was a smart division of a relatively small space of 35m2 and incorporating in it of the 3 functions: artistic, computer and TV corners with a convertible guest sofa and small gym area.
The main intervention was to open the loft part and to reveal the full height of the house introducing more daylight and a lot of additional space. The old chimney wall was made a focal point using a unique stone-like texture reflecting the chimney position and giving it a distinctive and unique feel.



Project visualisation