typology: residence
location: Crauthem, Luxembourg
year: 2017
size: 88.87 m2

Attic apartment

The aim of the project was to complete the modernisation of an apartment located in the attic. The client wanted to introduce his beloved Scandinavian style to the home and, with a baby on the way, some child-friendly solutions. The original fireplace was kept and the lime stone on the floor in the living area was renovated. The space planning was particularly challenging, due to varying heights of ceiling. We had to think carefully about how to create an open kitchen that was re-located from its original position with all its infrastructure and to adapt it into the new surrounding in a most natural way. We divided the bathroom into two, giving the habitants more flexibility in its use. We enlarged the balcony door, so that it brings more light into the interior. The final goal was to create a nice and functional ambiance for the 3-person family, so they can feel great in their new home.

Project photos