TYPOLOGY: Residence
LOCATION: Itzig, Luxembourg
year: 2019
size: 85 m2

Attic adaptation in Itzig

The goal of this project was to design the unused space of the attic of the detached house.

The client’s wish was to introduce to the space tree new functions that were: studio for the family members visiting them occasionally, a play area for kids, and a gym room with sauna.

The whole area was designed from the scratch by accommodating the desired functions into big open space from which the gym room and the studio were divided.

Kids room interior design was inspired by the lively interests about the seaside. The symbolic sea horizon line was marked on the wall to create an optical illusion of enlarging the space. The children room was divided into sections dedicated to different functions as well. So, you may find here a drawing corner, a playing corner, video games corner and a climbing wall. The climbing wall was designed to progressively adapt to the levels of difficulty of the growing children. Moreover, it smartly hides the wardrobe that is behind it and divides the play area on the podium. The design was complemented by the seaside interior décor and lively, yet balanced, colour scheme.

No storage space is waisted in this project. By profiting the extra height of the attic the additional storage room, accessible by the wooden ladder, was created over the bathroom. We have designed the cabinets built on measure under the sloped ceiling that give even more storage for the users.

The studio of approx. 24m2 includes a bathroom with a shower and a small kitchen. As the quantity of the natural light was not sufficient in this area, the interior design proposed the inner windows in the wall between the studio and the playroom, so the daylight can pass through the corners that were too shadowed before.

Project photos