typology: residence
location: Luxembourg-Neudorf, Luxembourg
year: 2015
size: 150.00 m2

Apartment in old brewery

A newly bought loft apartment in need of an interior architect’s intervention. The client desired a modern, contemporary feel with a bold and strong character.
As per wishes of the client, conscious about all design products that he would be surrounded by in his apartment. The original construction elements of the old Luxembourgish brewery were exposed, including stunning concrete beams, ceilings and columns. In this interior you may find a lot of artistic inspirations for e.g. the children bathroom that was inspired by the painting of Piet Mondrian, using the squarish forms and basic colours to create an interior with an abstract look.
In this project our mission was to help the client settle the fundamental functional design and to guide him through the conceptual phases of the project to make sure that he would live comfortable in his new home.

Project photos