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TYPOLOGY: Residence
LOCATION: Luxembourg-Neudorf, Luxembourg
year: 2019
Size: 110 m2

Interior architect’s apartment

The inspiration was taken from the surrounding area of this nice, calm, and natural part of the Luxembourg city.

The colour scheme as well as the finishing materials were chosen to reflect the roughness of the surrounding cliffs, contrasts of the forests and peacefulness of the sky.

The interior was designed with a use of natural materials like wood, stone, wool and leather giving the most natural way to settle into it.

The living area is naturally divided into three different areas: sitting, dining and cooking. The balcony, opening with two sides to the living room, became instinctively a fourth area to explore.

Bathroom interior design was created by connecting the simplicity with elegant details. Thanks to the tailored made solutions, every possibility of the storage space was well managed in a way that it doesn’t obstruct the space.

The interior design of the corridor is kept in a monochrome colour scheme, exposing the black contours of the doors, handles and ceiling spots out from the white background, exactly like the black lines on the Picasso’s prints that are exposed on the walls.

Master bedroom design aimed for being an oasis of peace and calmness covered under the blue-sky colour scheme.

Children room was a perfect place to explore and design every square meter in a way that is user friendly and light optically so it matches the rest of the apartment.

Project photos